It is known as an "oasis" to the site that has vegetation and springs, which is immersed and hidden in the deserts. Oases are small inhabited settlements that serve to supply nearby settlers, travelers, and caravans. In them, travelers rest and are supplied with water and food to cross the desert. Conceptually, the oases are the central axis of the site, they distribute their program from the center towards their surroundings, supplying a particular fabric, be it vegetation or a community.

Based on this concept, we entered the distribution scheme; We draw a central pool (oasis) of 20 m X 40 m, appealing to the architectural program and its vegetation around the pool, just as an oasis is perceived in a desert.

The set is divided into 3 parts: The first is located in an apartment building (Private) that coexists with its most important amenities (Public); the second, low-rise housing (Private) single-family homes; third, all the rest to the amenities (Public).

The Oasis Puerto Escondido complex will have an architectural program of 22 apartments and 22 single-family homes, its main amenities will be: Pool, terraces, fronton court, gym, spa, multipurpose room, restaurant, and its green areas will be freely accessible for the user, in its entirety.