About Us
WIDOARQUITECTOS, es una oficina de arquitectura y ciudad, conformada principalmente por jóvenes arquitectos. Somos una oficina altamente comprometida con las personas, entendiendo que nuestra profesión es un vínculo directo entre la ciudad y su sociedad. Trabajamos en todas las tipologías arquitectónicas: concursos, públicas, residenciales, culturales, oficinas, sociales y urbanas.

Creemos firmemente que la arquitectura no es un servicio de lujo sino una obra social, es la herramienta más poderosa de cambio, es un trabajo colectivo.

Our architecture is simplified to the basic and elementary, without design pretensions or unnecessary forms; we prefer to work together with people, not just for them. Our conviction lies in the deep reading of the elements that make up the architecture and the urban context. We faithfully direct our creative process with the philosophy of always doing more with less.
"We are fascinated by the fact that every design has a story behind it, we love to capture the unique moments that happen with people, where architecture is closer to human perception and the exchange of feelings and ideas."


Architect graduated from the School of Architecture at Universidad La Salle Cuernavaca in 2013. That same year he studied a diploma in Public Spaces and Safe Cities at the Universidad Iberoamericana campus in Mexico City

In 2013 he was selected among the 15 young talents to develop the Workshop of Design Mexico. In several years he has been named by different local media as a young promise of Mexican architecture in the state of Morelos.

In 2015 he won the Monbukagakusho Honors Scholarship (JASSO Scholarship) awarded by the Japanese government to study a Master's Degree in Architecture and Urbanism at the University of Tokyo, Japan. Graduated in 2017. The research projects conducted in the master's degree were exhibited in different media and cultural centers, highlighting, LIXIL Gallery in Tokyo and the Seoul Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism, held in South Korea.

Founder of the architecture and city office WIDOARQUITECTOS in 2019 based in the city of Cuernavaca, Morelos. With WIDOARQUITECTOS, he has developed more than sixty projects of different scales, private, public and competitions. Among those that stand out: First place in the international competition UNBUILT HOUSING 2018, held in Spain; Finalists in the National Competition, New prototype of Intraurban Vertical Social Housing, convened by IMUVI León, Guanajuato and Infonavit; Finalists in the national competition for the proposal of the new INEEL building in Cuernavaca; First place in the competition for the new headquarters of the City Council of Temixco, Morelos; In 2019, we produced the research book in conjunction with CMIC Morelos, called "HECHO EN MORELOS", a constructive guide on social housing in the reconstruction of Morelos; In 2020 we won first place for the project of the "New Headquarters of the Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry, Morelos delegation;

In 2023 we won the honorable mention on the international competition for the housing complex of social housing in wood in the city of Tranqueras, Uruguay, convened by the Ministry of Housing and Territorial Planning of Uruguay and the Inter-American Development Bank; First place in the 12th national awards of the Association of Architects and Interior Designers of Mexico. WIDOARQUITECTOS has participated in projects of urban scale, such as the intervention of the town of Santa Lucia in Mexico City, published by the newspaper Reforma. Currently he is a promoter together with the municipal government and social activists of the city of Cuernavaca for the development of the Urban Regeneration Plan (PREU) Ricardo Flores Magón; one of the most important and largest neighborhoods of Cuernavaca, Morelos. A social research project with projection to the year 2053.

In 2023 he was awarded the "Venera José María Morelos y Pavón, Morelense de Excelencia". It is the highest award given by the government of the state of Morelos to the most illustrious men and women in all disciplines and areas of knowledge and human development. That same year we were awarded first place in the "AAI National Architecture Award".

From 2020 to the present, he is a professor of project workshop at Universidad La Salle Cuernavaca. As a teacher, he has won first place in the national competition to design a manual for progressive social housing, convened by the company KeObra. Project published in Archdaily. In 2022 we are winners of the first place in the 9th national competition of architecture and urbanism of Infonavit. Project published in different national media.

Our work has been published in Japan, Mexico, Spain, Serbia, Germany, Peru, Chile, Uruguay and the United States.