“Fukuoka Rice Cellar” is an industrial architecture project located in the rice fields of Fukuoka prefecture, Japan.

Our client's needs urgently required an expansion of his rice business. Realizing that there would not be adequate infrastructure for their new (growing) production demand, they commissioned us to develop a complex that collects, processes, produces, stores and distributes their product from an innovative perspective that reflects the vision of the company.

The site is covered by natural elements that, at first glance, are visualized as extensive rice fields which in turn are surrounded by mountains. In the distance are a couple of traditional houses, very much in the style of the backgrounds we see in Japanese anime films.


It's in this last analysis where we conceptualize our project, based on popular culture and Japanese traditions. The notion behind the building ingrains inspiration from Japanese vernacular architecture and traditional planting, and harvesting processes based on bamboo and wooden structures placed on the field.

The program is divided into two main areas: Administrative and production, and a third in charge of product storage and distribution; each area has its own space isolated from each other, but its own connected by an open central patio focused on the drying of the rice seeds, which in turn serves as lighting and ventilation. The circulations are oriented with the natural sowing of the rice plant, this made with the intention of mimicking the transition between the natural and the industrial area, breaking all physical barriers. The graphic representation gave us a guideline for the Japanese cultural-imaginary, surrounded by the artistic world of manga.

Our presentation combines the technical side of architecture with the world of anime, taking back the backgrounds of acclaimed films, such as "Mai Mai Shinko to Sennen no Maho" by director Sunao Katabuchi.