The intention of the next project is to reform our current educational system and raise awareness on undervalued topics that have been forgiven through history, topics as art and culture. Represented as an icon outside the current educational regulations, the building serves as a generator of new social and human issues. 

Located in the "Technical High School No. 44" in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico; the complex demur culture and art, with the clear intention of being a detonator for other institutions. The project arose out of the need for high school no. 44 to have a new social and cultural center where students can resume to values ​ and subjects to seek their training, but in a more humanistic shape. The architectural program is based on four core axes: Social, artistic, cultural and educational.

Shaped as an open area, the project will be surrounded by an existing tree on the premises, students can meet and rest, generating a new social structure.

This is an area made up of the same building site; a space that aims to teach painting classes, open workshops, exhibitions and more.

The result of the sum of the social, this cultural axe is the epicenter of the entire project, materialized in an uneven agora, which will be multifaceted: open auditorium, debates, exhibitions, concerts and more.

It will project four classrooms, which are already necessary for the campus, but adding a new subject in education, an ecological nature; proposed as an area for the creation of a garden where students will be taught topics such as: ecological preservation, nature care and self-production of food. On the other hand, the secondary cultural center No. 44 will have bathroom services and a directive office, places that reinforce the complex.