The Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM) Campus Cuernavaca, announced the contest for the restructuring and expansion of one of its most important buildings in the campus: The student affairs department. Before the competition, this building functioned as a 1,260 square meter complex distributed over a single floor, in addition, it housed multipurpose rooms, a gym, bathrooms, offices and certain areas for storage.

The complex was immersed in a contradiction, on the one hand, it was a building of attention, orientation and care of the student, however, the representation of the building was far from that idea; a totally unsafe environment was perceived, from a weather environment to overcrowding, caused by the different activities carried out in the complex.

Our proposal for the competition proposes a two-level building that doubles the square meters of areas for a better distribution, in addition to ensuring interior comfort for users; always with the premise of respecting the institutional architecture of ITESM.

At the beginning, we designed a structural detail that gave identity to the whole, distinguishing itself from its other “brothers”. The organizing committee and physical plant of the ITESM campus Cuernavaca assigned us the first place for its development.