Amatlan is a mexican community located 15 minutes near the magic town of Tepoztlan. It is a place surrounded by an unrivaled vegetation, in addition to culture, gastronomy, traditions and panoramic views.

Amatlan is a tourist lodging project that will house 8 suite rooms through the concept of a boutique hotel. It will have all amenities: picnic areas, pool, terraces, cafeteria, gardens and a roof garden with bar service.

This complex is located on rough terrain of 500 m2 with an oriented view towards the "La Tepexinola" hill; the visual punchline is the essence of the project, since said view creates a compositional axis transformed into the main access of the complex, that visually frames the hill in the background.

The architecture is made up of two large sloping volumes of concrete and stone. The same vegetation that we find on the floors of the context emerges on their faces, the intention is to create continuity between the landscape and the new architecture, making a building as less invasive as possible. The private area is divided into two small towers of 4 rooms each, located behind the sloping volumes.

The entire hostel is located according to its topography, that is, occupying the natural slopes of the land and with a strong visual emphasis on its surrounding context.