Inequality is the origin of all local movements. 

Leonardo Da Vinci 

The Ricardo Flores Magón neighborhood in Cuernavaca, Morelos is one of the 260 neighborhoods in the capital of Morelos and has an area of approximately 212 hectares. 

Today, the Ricardo Flores Magón neighborhood is a strategic point in the capital, its privileged location is its best opportunity and at the same time its worst disadvantage. Being a central and highly dense neighborhood with accesses in all its coordinates puts it at a disadvantage and puts it in the sights of organized crime, reflected in the constant insecurity of its streets. 

The decline of the neighborhood is not only due to the fear of insecurity, but also to the neglect of the authorities, to the lack of public policies that stimulate the quality of life and the right to the city. 

Social organization and wealth sharing are fundamental concepts in a country that has shown us, throughout its history, that revolutions do not explode because we are all poor but when social inequality becomes unbearable (Juan O'Gorman Merino, 2018). 

In recent years, speculation in the area has grown considerably, giving hope that the Ricardo Flores Magón neighborhood will become a site of social, cultural and economic development in Cuernavaca. 

Actions will be intense and with "tremendous" political and social will, among them: Social organization, an essential part in the processes of citizen participation; the recovery of urban space by the neighbors, streets, parks, traffic circles, squares and walkways belong to all of us; the total destruction of closed urbanization, the colony is not exclusive it is inclusive, that is, of its own and strangers; urban regeneration as a guiding plan for every action and social movement that occurs inside and outside the colony; the restructuring of land uses, a large part of the deficient development of the Ricardo Flores Magón neighborhood has been the incorrect implementation of land uses and the low density they have; incentives to attract private and public investment that is regulated towards social and economic actions that favor, in the first instance, the inhabitants of the neighborhood; the creation of public and housing policies that reinforce the urban regeneration plan towards a stable and secure future. 

Ricardo Flores Magón is the watershed for the development of urban regeneration plans in Morelos and is the neighborhood with the greatest potential to carry out the work presented here, because every place, every person and every government needs a guide to exercise the right to the city.