CLÍNICA | 2018

Sanatorio Guadalupe is an expansion project located in the historic heart of Cuernavaca city, Morelos. The intervention arose from the need to expand the area of private physicians. Being a building located in an area protected by the Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia (INAH), the proposal was based on building on the rooftop area of ​ the same complex, embedded 3 meters above the edge of the building, the intention is clear, not affect the urban image.

The proposal proposes a steel structure that serves as an umbrella to cover all the spaces of the architectural program (6 consulting rooms, sampling -clinical analysis- and waiting room). For this last area, its surroundings were covered with natural pine wood lattices, based on the design, they are transformed into fittings for visitors.

The completion of the commission betrays us in a serene and natural speech in its architecture that, by playing with the vegetation (and only two raw materials: wood and steel) projects us an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.