HOUSING | 2021


“Tree House” is a single-family housing project located in the city of Cuernavaca, Morelos.

The site is a 504 m2 land with a flat surface and no pre-existing vegetation; It was in this last analysis that our concept emerged. As we did not have any vegetation, we made the decision to create our own “forest”.

In the end, the project is the result of a previous investigation on the natural growth of forests. The house found its conceptualization from how pine trees in Mexico reproduce and grow together.

The research done on an area of 1 hectare yields extremely important data for our project. It mentions that pines grow in groups of 5 individuals: 1 mother and 4 neighbors, as the researchers call it; These groups reproduce 5 by 5 and curiously they leave a void between them, which helps their photosynthesis and a better rain catchment.

In this process we return to this data, only to the extent of our land, converting the number of trees in one hectare to the equivalent of a 504 m2 site. The result gave us a number of 6 groups, that is, 30 trees.

The 30 trees were specifically located as mentioned in the previous research, this location gave rise to voids that later became the place to displace our architectural program.

The house is distributed around a central garden that raises 5 volumes, 3 in double height that contain the program, such as: kitchen, dining room, living room, cellar, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, etc. Its materiality is with apparent finishes, novaceramic partition walls, polished concrete floors and a visible steel structure.

At the end, the house becomes one more tree in this urban forest.